Computer Application Technology (CAT) Resources

Computer Applications Technology is a subject offered to Grade 10-12 learners in South Africa. In my mind it is one of the most important subjects a learner can take to acquire 21st century skills.

what is cat

It is sad to see that this subject is often sidelined, or treated as a subject for learners at school who are not “academic”. In the 11 years that I have taught this subject – i have not once met a student who has said – it was such a waste to have taken this subject, instead the opposite always happens: Im so glad I took this subject, it has really helped me at university.  My hope for the future is that more learners will have access to this subject.

why take cat

This subject has evolved over time from learners learning more secretarial type skills to a subject that is resembling Information Systems – a vital subject for more learners to study at university level.


skills developed by taking catskills developed by taking cat 2


sections of work



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