File_005.jpgI am an Educational Technology Integrator / Computer Teacher at a high school in Cape Town, South Africa. I am an introvert, and enjoy spending time learning new things on my computer.

I teach 2-3 lessons a day (on average) teaching mostly Grade 11 and 12 Computer Applications Technology. This is a great subject to learn how to use various Microsoft and Google Apps as well as learn web design (HTML and CSS with a tiny bit of Java Script) Theoretical concepts are also taught including systems technologies, internet and network technologies,  social and ethical che6implications, information management and solution development.

I teach a few grade 8 and 9 learners once a week a lesson called DMT ( Digital Media Technologies) Basically how to use various apps (including G Suite for Education) as well as CS First, HTML, Movie Editing, Digital Citizenship, etc.

As an Educational Technology Integrator I have the awesome job of encouraging teachers to use technology in the classroom (not to just use technology, but to use technology in a way to transform the educational experience.

I have completed the Google Certified Educator Exams (Level 1 and 2) and have just obtained the Google Certified Trainer Certification.

Badge-GCE-Level1Badge-GCE-Level2Badges - Learning Center - revised 9-1-03trainer-logo (1)

I have enjoyed growing my PLN (Personal Learning Network) by interacting with teachers, principals and educational technology integrators from all around the world. I have learnt so much in the past 3 years from people who are just willing to share the cool things that they have discovered.

1.5 years ago I stepped up to be a GEG leader for my city. It was very scary at first to be presenting to others, and I am not the most exciting presenter, but I love what I do – and enjoy sharing cool tricks and tips I have picked up from using different products. I have worked hard with the other GEG leader to resurrect our GEG and now have about 15-20 regular attendees and a few others each time. This year I will be working harder to grow awareness around what a GEG is and encouraging others to join.

In my spare time i enjoy going to different coffee shops around Cape Town, trying out different types of beans and seeing which is my favourite place (good vibe, clean machinery and not burning the milk on my flat white). At the moment “Rosetta Roastery” has my top spot for best coffee shop in Cape Town, followed closely by Flat Mountain Roasters.




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