Latest news on #FlipGrid

Holly Clark is one of the Ed Tech rock stars that I follow on Twitter. She has presented a couple of times in South Africa at EdTech Team Google for Education summits and has really inspired me on my EdTech learning journey. Recently I purchased an ebook version of her book: The Google infused classroom: A guidebook to making thinking visible and amplifying student voices.  [Click here for a link on Amazon.]

This is a great read for teachers wanting to change what they are doing in the classroom, as it gives you a way to start doing that. I love books that have great practical advise that can be used. excited bitmoji

This past week I saw her post a tweet that Flipgrid would be free for teachers from 1 August. I really liked the potential of FlipGrid, but when you have to pay US dollars – and you live in South Africa, it isn’t a real option for most schools due to cost.

Microsoft has purchased Flipgrid and so everyone can access this amazing tool for FREE! WooHoo!



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