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I recently acquired a wireless keyboard to use as a presentation tool. I have enjoyed using this device so much that I thought I would recommend it – as maybe someone else will love it too. When presenting – it allows mobility, while still having access to a full qwerty keyboard and mouse.



The device I have is the Rii i8 Wireless Mini Keyboard and Touchpad


The device is about the size of a game controller and fits very comfortably in your hands. It is very light and my favourite feature is that it charges using a standard Android charger (not USB C).


Here is a link to a YouTube video unboxing and reviewing the device.

Rii i8 Wireless Mini Keyboard & Touchpad 


If you would like to purchase one and live in South Africa: Here is some prices on (20 Feb 2018)

Screen Shot 2018-02-20 at 16.54.58

Side Note:

che che

I bought this to use from my couch when I connect my computer to my tv, to watch Netflix on it. No getting up to control your computer. 😉

So it even serves an extra purpose.

Enjoy your week.

che take care


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