Twitter Chat

What is a Twitter Chat? 

This is a twitter conversation that will happen around a unique hashtag. It is a public conversation and you are able to discuss and answer various questions.

My First Twitter Chat:

Last night I took part in my first Twitter Chat
for the #ZAEdu hashtag. It was the culmination of a 12 days of twitter challenge given. It was amazing.

Connecting with like minded people over the topic of education.

There were people who I admire, in the industry, friends, and new people all discussing and giving their opinions.

My tips for a successful Twitter Chat:

  1. Make sure your device is fully charged
  2. Be in an area that has a good internet connection (Mine was so unstable last night)
  3. Search the correct hashtag and ensure you filter by latest (took me a few minutes to realize that)

twitter 2  4.  Don’t be scared to re tweet, comment and like tweets.

twitter 3

5. Take time later to research the hashtag to see what you missed – the time goes by so quick.

6. Diarise the date for the next chat in your phone calendar to remind you!

twitter 1


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